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Mumbai Massacre

Posted by Fritoy on November 30, 2008

If this was your Plan].



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The Federalist Papers #24

Posted by Fritoy on November 30, 2008

Though a wide ocean separates the United States from Europe, yet there are various considerations that warn us against an excess of confidence or security. On one side of us, and stretching far into our rear, are growing settlements subject to the dominion of Britain. On the other side, and extending to meet the British settlements, are colonies and establishments subject to the dominion of Spain.


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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Fritoy on November 26, 2008

Hmmmmm Pie…….

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Victory In Iraq Day

Posted by Fritoy on November 21, 2008

Zombie does a much better job of explaining why November 22 2008 should be called V.I.D. so I’ll let him/her do so.

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The Federalist Papers #23

Posted by Fritoy on November 20, 2008

Every view we may take of the subject, as candid inquirers after truth, will serve to convince us, that it is both unwise and dangerous to deny the federal government an unconfined authority, as to all those objects which are intrusted to its management. It will indeed deserve the most vigilant and careful attention of the people, to see that it be modeled in such a manner as to admit of its being safely vested with the requisite powers. If any plan which has been, or may be, offered to our consideration, should not, upon a dispassionate inspection, be found to answer this description, it ought to be rejected. A government, the constitution of which renders it unfit to be trusted with all the powers which a free people OUGHT TO DELEGATE TO ANY GOVERNMENT, would be an unsafe and improper depositary of the NATIONAL INTERESTS. Wherever THESE can with propriety be confided, the coincident powers may safely accompany them. This is the true result of all just reasoning upon the subject. And the adversaries of the plan promulgated by the convention ought to have confined themselves to showing, that the internal structure of the proposed government was such as to render it unworthy of the confidence of the people. They ought not to have wandered into inflammatory declamations and unmeaning cavils about the extent of the powers. The POWERS are not too extensive for the OBJECTS of federal administration, or, in other words, for the management of our NATIONAL INTERESTS; nor can any satisfactory argument be framed to show that they are chargeable with such an excess. If it be true, as has been insinuated by some of the writers on the other side, that the difficulty arises from the nature of the thing, and that the extent of the country will not permit us to form a government in which such ample powers can safely be reposed, it would prove that we ought to contract our views, and resort to the expedient of separate confederacies, which will move within more practicable spheres. For the absurdity must continually stare us in the face of confiding to a government the direction of the most essential national interests, without daring to trust it to the authorities which are indispensible to their proper and efficient management. Let us not attempt to reconcile contradictions, but firmly embrace a rational alternative.


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The Federalist Papers #22

Posted by Fritoy on November 13, 2008

Suppose, for instance, we were engaged in a war, in conjunction with one foreign nation, against another. Suppose the necessity of our situation demanded peace, and the interest or ambition of our ally led him to seek the prosecution of the war, with views that might justify us in making separate terms. In such a state of things, this ally of ours would evidently find it much easier, by his bribes and intrigues, to tie up the hands of government from making peace, where two thirds of all the votes were requisite to that object, than where a simple majority would suffice. In the first case, he would have to corrupt a smaller number; in the last, a greater number. Upon the same principle, it would be much easier for a foreign power with which we were at war to perplex our councils and embarrass our exertions. And, in a commercial view, we may be subjected to similar inconveniences. A nation, with which we might have a treaty of commerce, could with much greater facility prevent our forming a connection with her competitor in trade, though such a connection should be ever so beneficial to ourselves.


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Veterans Day

Posted by Fritoy on November 10, 2008

If you see a Veteran today, Thank them, buy them a drink and if you can make the time ask them about their service.

Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall

Willamette National Cemetery

Ohh and
If this is your idea of being Patriotic.
Then Piss Off!

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The Federalist Papers #21

Posted by Fritoy on November 9, 2008

Due to irregularities with my ISP (Comcast,) I bring you Fridays post.

It is a signal advantage of taxes on articles of consumption, that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. They prescribe their own limit; which cannot be exceeded without defeating the end proposed, that is, an extension of the revenue. When applied to this object, the saying is as just as it is witty, that, “in political arithmetic, two and two do not always make four .” If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them.

That Link thing.

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Thank You Sarah Palin

Posted by Fritoy on November 6, 2008

Send a thank you to Sarah Palin and sign this petition.
After all it doesn’t seem like McCain’s campaign staff know how to.

Via Michelle Malkin

Maybe they can delete some of the pond scum comments on it before it goes out to Governor Palin.
Here are a couple of examples swiped from LC Mrs. M-ITT™ at the Rott

  1. # 9,556: 9:05 pm PST, Nov 6, Wasilla Sarah, Alaska
    Now maybe that poor baby you used as a photo op can finally get some sleep!! Republican family values, using your children as cheap political pawns!

    # 9,545:
    9:03 pm PST, Nov 6, Ross Miller, California
    I just wanted to thank you Sarah, thank you so much for doing all you could to help get Mr Obama…excuse me…President Elect Obama, elected to office. I too think he will be a great president and am looking forward to the change he will bring. We sure can use a new direction after so many years of the Republican nightmare. Thanks again, have a great winter vacation. And to the person stuck reading these, I hope you have a great day. most of these must be pretty depressing. But thanks for taking and interest in your country and community, everyone should do their part. Keep smiling!

    # 9,540:
    9:02 pm PST, Nov 6, Sarah Dumbass, Alaska

    1. Thank the wisdom of the American voters to see just how shallow a brain pool you live in.. foreign relations because from part of Alaska can see Russia. sigh. Almost as dumb as 3rd from the BOTTOM of his class McBush. Hope to hear the GOP firmly kicks you to the curb.. forever!

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All Hail Czar Government

Posted by Fritoy on November 5, 2008

Ok seriously the pity party is over.

Congratulations to the Democrats for a hard fought victory. Anyone got a good recipe for crow?

I’m not going to slam Vance Day till I see the final numbers. However his f future doesn’t look good as the head Of the Oregon GOP from my point of view.

That reminds me, if what we are seeing holds true about the measures that Bill Sizemore put up this time, it’s time for him to find some other way to effect Oregon politics.

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