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Thank You Sarah Palin

Posted by Fritoy on November 6, 2008

Send a thank you to Sarah Palin and sign this petition.
After all it doesn’t seem like McCain’s campaign staff know how to.

Via Michelle Malkin

Maybe they can delete some of the pond scum comments on it before it goes out to Governor Palin.
Here are a couple of examples swiped from LC Mrs. M-ITT™ at the Rott

  1. # 9,556: 9:05 pm PST, Nov 6, Wasilla Sarah, Alaska
    Now maybe that poor baby you used as a photo op can finally get some sleep!! Republican family values, using your children as cheap political pawns!

    # 9,545:
    9:03 pm PST, Nov 6, Ross Miller, California
    I just wanted to thank you Sarah, thank you so much for doing all you could to help get Mr Obama…excuse me…President Elect Obama, elected to office. I too think he will be a great president and am looking forward to the change he will bring. We sure can use a new direction after so many years of the Republican nightmare. Thanks again, have a great winter vacation. And to the person stuck reading these, I hope you have a great day. most of these must be pretty depressing. But thanks for taking and interest in your country and community, everyone should do their part. Keep smiling!

    # 9,540:
    9:02 pm PST, Nov 6, Sarah Dumbass, Alaska

    1. Thank the wisdom of the American voters to see just how shallow a brain pool you live in.. foreign relations because from part of Alaska can see Russia. sigh. Almost as dumb as 3rd from the BOTTOM of his class McBush. Hope to hear the GOP firmly kicks you to the curb.. forever!


2 Responses to “Thank You Sarah Palin”

  1. OregonGuy said

    You are expressing surprise at the contumacy of the Left?

    Blogging through the most recent election cycle has exposed critics of conservatism as a group of self-identifying intellectual hacks. The boys who feel that by cutting and pasting statements of ridicule of conservative ideology they are somehow advancing what must pass for argument by the Left. It is not solely their fault. These were the lines of argument advanced through their exposure to the teachers of our public schools. They don’t have to stand any tests of logic or truthfulness. Just the test of consistency.

    I have attempted to enforce upon myself the rules outlined by the Sermon on the Mount. So I have tried to refrain from using name calling as a tactic. But is it name calling to point out that there is no discernable basis for the beliefs being advanced by the Left? Where, in human history, have nations become greater by robbing one class to give to another? Where have nations advanced when labouring under the rule of command economy? What data set do they purport to rely upon?

    One of several rules I’ve attempted to impart to my two sons is the following: just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do that thing.

    And, frankly, AH, I don’t see our prospects in the next session as rosy.

    Nice post. Thanks for the links.

  2. fritoy said


    Not in the least.

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