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All Hail Czar Government

Posted by Fritoy on November 5, 2008

Ok seriously the pity party is over.

Congratulations to the Democrats for a hard fought victory. Anyone got a good recipe for crow?

I’m not going to slam Vance Day till I see the final numbers. However his f future doesn’t look good as the head Of the Oregon GOP from my point of view.

That reminds me, if what we are seeing holds true about the measures that Bill Sizemore put up this time, it’s time for him to find some other way to effect Oregon politics.


One Response to “All Hail Czar Government”

  1. OregonGuy said

    Measure 64 looks like it’s passing.

    If you are a public employee union member, this was a liberating act.

    There is still a majority of Oregonians who will vote for common sense. How much common sense is there–was there–in Senator Smith’s campaign? Vote for me, I’m just like the most liberal Democrat senators in the country?

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