“I pledge by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

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Random ramblings.

Posted by Fritoy on March 1, 2016

I’m trying to keep my position of I’ll vote for the nominee in November but the trumpets are making it increasingly harder by the day. Go to twitter and type in the word “chuc”.


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14 years after 9-11

Posted by Fritoy on September 10, 2015

Still after 14 years I still see the images of Americans jumping off the towers and planes being flown into them.

No need for the vids.

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ISIS to Extreme for Hamas

Posted by Fritoy on August 22, 2014

So the people who want to kill every Jew in Israel this the ISIS is so extreme that one of their talking heads went to Twitter and said don’t call us that.

Oh, my sides hurt from the laughter.

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Rick Perry Indictment

Posted by Fritoy on August 15, 2014

Need I say anything more?

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Well isn’t that nice.

Posted by Fritoy on August 13, 2014

Obama goes dancing and the people in Ferguson get to share tear gas stories.
Must be nice for him.

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Troops on the Ground

Posted by Fritoy on August 12, 2014

So Obama has sent troops back to into that hellhole and he goes on vacation the same week?
Sweet Jesus, and they called Bush dumb.

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Think I’m back

Posted by Fritoy on August 12, 2014

Time to go through the blog roll and look for dead links, see who is still alive blaa blaa.

Think I’m back even opened up a new twitter account.











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Posted by Fritoy on June 20, 2009

Even I have gone to Twitter.

Can anyone stop this plague?

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Today Everyone is an Iranian

Posted by Fritoy on June 20, 2009

Via American Thinker

Today, all Iranian expatriates are united in solidarity with the Iranian people in Iran. Today, we are all standing tall to let the world hear our continuous aspiration for a free and democratic Iran. Today, we pledge ourselves, under the divine inspiration, to stand beside the Iranians in Iran and echo their voices around the globe. Today, we make history, yet again.

Ya what he said..

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The Federalist Papers #29

Posted by Fritoy on January 7, 2009

In reading many of the publications against the Constitution, a man is apt to imagine that he is perusing some ill-written tale or romance, which instead of natural and agreeable images, exhibits to the mind nothing but frightful and distorted shapes “Gorgons, hydras, and chimeras dire”; discoloring and disfiguring whatever it represents, and transforming everything it touches into a monster.

A sample of this is to be observed in the exaggerated and improbable suggestions which have taken place respecting the power of calling for the services of the militia. That of New Hampshire is to be marched to Georgia, of Georgia to New Hampshire, of New York to Kentucky, and of Kentucky to Lake Champlain. Nay, the debts due to the French and Dutch are to be paid in militiamen instead of louis d’ors and ducats. At one moment there is to be a large army to lay prostrate the liberties of the people; at another moment the militia of Virginia are to be dragged from their homes five or six hundred miles, to tame the republican contumacy of Massachusetts; and that of Massachusetts is to be transported an equal distance to subdue the refractory haughtiness of the aristocratic Virginians. Do the persons who rave at this rate imagine that their art or their eloquence can impose any conceits or absurdities upon the people of America for infallible truths?

If there should be an army to be made use of as the engine of despotism, what need of the militia? If there should be no army, whither would the militia, irritated by being called upon to undertake a distant and hopeless expedition, for the purpose of riveting the chains of slavery upon a part of their countrymen, direct their course, but to the seat of the tyrants, who had meditated so foolish as well as so wicked a project, to crush them in their imagined intrenchments of power, and to make them an example of the just vengeance of an abused and incensed people? Is this the way in which usurpers stride to dominion over a numerous and enlightened nation? Do they begin by exciting the detestation of the very instruments of their intended usurpations? Do they usually commence their career by wanton and disgustful acts of power, calculated to answer no end, but to draw upon themselves universal hatred and execration? Are suppositions of this sort the sober admonitions of discerning patriots to a discerning people? Or are they the inflammatory ravings of incendiaries or distempered enthusiasts? *If we were even to suppose the national rulers actuated by the most ungovernable ambition, it is impossible to believe that they would employ such preposterous means to accomplish their designs.


* I think I found proof that moonbats have been with us all along. 🙂

On a side note this post brings me back up to date with my scheduled posting. Seeig that over the holidays I was unable to post much.

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