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Put This On Your Bag

Posted by Fritoy on July 28, 2008

Listen to The Victoria Taft Show today she was asking for people photoshop images to put on
Sam’s new Dogie poop bags Government issue grocery bags.

So here is my first try at photoshop.

EDIT: Ok That image is under the fold now.
It’s starting to creep me out.

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Iran Fakes more Photos?

Posted by Fritoy on July 27, 2008

Via HotAir.

Whats next? Are they going to fake a U.S. citizen hostage  next?


The Peoples Cube finds the real threat from Iran.

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Bring on that Crime train.

Posted by Fritoy on July 27, 2008

Yet another assault on the max line.

A suspect who stabbed a man at a Northeast Portland transit station early Sunday morning ran from the scene and was considered at large.

I wonder if the Vancouver suckers are waiting in anticipation ?


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Say its not so, Ethanol in trouble?

Posted by Fritoy on July 25, 2008

Well you know the story by now, If it’s important too Oregon it’s in The New York Times.

“Why Do You Put Alcohol in Your Tank?” demands a large sign outside one gas station here,
which reassures drivers that it sells only “100% Gas.”

“No Corn in Our Gas,” advertises another station nearby.

Along the highways of this sprawling prairie city, and in other pockets of the country, a mutiny is growing against energy policies that heavily support and subsidize the blending of ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, into gasoline.”

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The Federalist Papers #4

Posted by Fritoy on July 24, 2008

“Let candid men judge, then, whether the division of America into any given number of independent sovereignties would tend to secure us against the hostilities and improper interference of foreign nations.”

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A Random Post

Posted by Fritoy on July 24, 2008

For random thoughts.

Obamessiah’s  European Victory Tour.
Messiah and The Three MSN Men.

I can’t decide what one sounds better.

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The Federalist Papers #3

Posted by Fritoy on July 18, 2008

Has It been a week already?
After watching the way congress has been acting this quote seemed appropriate.

If, on the other hand, they find us either destitute of an effectual government (each State doing right or wrong, as to its rulers may seem convenient), or split into three or four independent and probably discordant republics or confederacies, one inclining to Britain, another to France, and a third to Spain, and perhaps played off against each other by the three, what a poor, pitiful figure will America make in their eyes! How liable would she become not only to their contempt but to their outrage, and how soon would dear-bought experience proclaim that when a people or family so divide, it never fails to be against themselves.

Of course if you want to read more. Link

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Brit Hume To Resign

Posted by Fritoy on July 16, 2008

Washington Post

Brit Hume, a top anchor and executive with Fox News since the channel was launched 12 years ago, plans to step down at year’s end. But he won’t disappear entirely.

Brits is one of the few people on fox who keep it watchable at all. After Brits gone who are we going to watch? PMSBC?

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The Federalist Papers #2

Posted by Fritoy on July 11, 2008

“This country and this people seem to have been made for each other, and it appears as if it was the design of Providence, that an inheritance so proper and convenient for a band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties, should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous, and alien sovereignties.”

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Fire on I-5

Posted by Fritoy on July 10, 2008

Well more like next to it.
So here I was writing the post below when I hear a bang thinking it was some jerk setting off the last of his Fourth of July fireworks. I did not give it any more thought, then the smoke came rolling in through the open windows. (enjoying that early summer global warming)

I grabbed my shoes, flashlight and my camera I went off to see where it was coming from and forgot my phone.

I did regret not bringing my phone but by the time I had remembered it I had already heard  a siren or two amd seen several people near by.

It turns out to be a small brush fire but there is a apartment building and a home within a 100 feet or so.

At this point the fire was out and they were just doing mop up.

One thing I did find interesting is one of the apartment dwellers said he heard three blasts that sounded like a shotgun.

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