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Oregon Shows The Way It Supports The Troops

Posted by Fritoy on March 20, 2007

First there is this.


And then the Oregon House does this.

The only good news out of that is so many voted against it.

25 out of 58 voted against this waste of time.


Who knew that many of them had spines.


As for that banner in the back ground heres a better shot.

Of course this type of thing is common for down town Portland

UPDATE: I’m really kinda surprised that anyone is shocked or upset about the top photo. Not that anyone shouldn’t be but come on this is Portland.

I remember one protest when the senior Bush came into town back in 1990 or so and the not only had a banner that read Kill the President on one side, and Off with her head on the other.  As if that wasn’t enough for them they then burn both the President and the First Lady in effigy


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The Rednecks In My Family

Posted by Fritoy on March 11, 2007

So last night I was in the car with my mother and she tells me that my Uncle and brother were arrested last weekend.

Some background

Last November we had two storms that damaged some the rather larger trees, and guess whose car was parked under them. Yup you guessed it my good old brother’s car.

Ok back to last night.

Mom: So the police where out at my place last week.

me: Why were they bugging you?

Mom: Well you remember the one of the trees broke all the windows in your brothers car in the first storm?

Me: Ya I remember.

Mom: Well after the second storm there where some branches barely hanging from the tree.

They decided to trim those branches that looked like they would fall in the next storm. Well they tried to reach the branches with the latter, but it was too short.

Me: ooh no, they didn’t use a shotgun did they?

Mom: laughter (car swerves)

Well it turns out that the neighbors complained about it. The cops show up and talk to my uncle and he confesses to it. They then ask if there is anyone else on the property, He says yes (My brother) so they go find him and he confesses too.

So they are dragged off to jail for the night (for good reason)

So now they have charges against them for discharging a firearm in side city limits (or what ever this city calls it.)

As for the tree? After six shots from a shot gun the branch is still there.

Wait I forgot, they where firing the shotgun from the top of the ladder!


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