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Google Admits China was a Mistake.

Posted by Fritoy on January 27, 2007


Google back pedals on China


Image from Point Five.





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Posted by Fritoy on January 25, 2007

From MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Word for word She did all the work.

OK, that pledge I posted? You can sign it online at The Truth Laid Bear, and the NRSC will be notified. And since it’s online, so will anyone who cares–i.e., others on the Hill that are watching. And they ARE watching.

Sign the PLEDGE here.

Please also make sure to call your Senator directly and express your views. In addition, we suggest you contact the following key Senators:

Senator McConnell, Lott and Kyl are the three senior GOP senators. Try each of their offices at 202-225-3121.

Senator Ensign is chair of the National Republican senatorial Committee. His number is 202-675-6000.

The senators most likely to rethink their support for such a resolution after the testimony by General Petraeus that such a resolution would be an encouragement to our enemy are Minnesota’s Norm Coleman, Maine’s Susan Collins and Oregon’s Gordon Smith. All three are serious senators and good people, but they need to rethink possible support for the resolution in light of the Petraeus testimony and the president’s speech last night. Senator Coleman’s office number is (202) 224-5641. Senator Smith’s office number is (202) 224-3753. Senator Collins’ office number is (202) 224-2523.

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Snow Day

Posted by Fritoy on January 16, 2007

So Let me get this strait. With the temperature going down, and the roads getting worse. Portland public schools have gone from All Open 5:11am to snow rotes 6:11 am.


But last week while the temp was rising and the roads where getting better they shut down?



Hay Vicki Phillips , 7:40 am is to dammed late !

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Todays Day by Day

Posted by Fritoy on January 14, 2007


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Chinatown Art

Posted by Fritoy on January 8, 2007

Read the center.

“Portland to be the frist jap-free city”

Just what does this have to do with Chinatown?

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The 24 Hour Church of Elvis.

Posted by Fritoy on January 8, 2007


Not that that’s news or anything but if you lived in Portland in the 90’s

you probably saw/heard about the place.

It’s really kind of sad to see that its been turned into a Yippie joint Business.

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Die Hippies Die !

Posted by Fritoy on January 6, 2007


Yup the first 60 sec. or so says it all.


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The Farce of the Minority

Posted by Fritoy on January 5, 2007

Iraqi National – WNA / Baghdad Office/ Anbar rescue Council announced today, Thursday, the killing of five members of the al-Qaeda network of Anbar governorate west of Iraq.
The leader of the Council, Sheikh Hamid Farhan said that the local council forces killed five terrorists among them a Yamani nationality prince in the area of Heet in western Iraq.
Farhan assured that “Council forces tightened her grip on the West Coast” which is facing continued tension on the part of armed groups that operate in that region.
The Council of the province of Anbar is supported by the Iraqi government and American forces in the region.

Opps did we did we kill some one who is supposed to be a friend to us? well probly not.

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The Portland Mercury Is Attacking BoJack’s Blog

Posted by Fritoy on January 3, 2007

It seems that they are calling him a Racist.

Local blogger Jack Bog has built his reputation on “cutting through the crap,” but it seems today he’s intent on inciting racism, too.

Portland Mercury

You all will have to forgive me for finding this too dammed funny. They really have no clue do they?

Bojacks post.

Happy New Year, bang, you’re dead

The New Year began in downtown Portland with a fatal shooting. Same old story — a young man, African-American, shot on the street, no doubt as “the club” he was partying in closed up for the night. About a block and a half from the Fifth Avenue Suites Hotel — not a nice message to our out-of-town guests. At least a full-scale gun battle didn’t ensue this time.

I seem’s Jack and the Mercury don’t like each other.

I think it’s quite pitiful for the kids at the Mercury to declare jihad on me.

What is it they have against Bojack? Could it be he keeps telling them and the other Reality Based Community to go stuff them self’s?

Update:   Jake any one who can piss off the far left as much as you is ok in my book. 

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