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Posted by Fritoy on May 27, 2008

Some light reading for you.

Not yours Too Give.

Update: 5/27/08
Max sends us a link,

Our US Congress has become a charitable organization.


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Memorial Day 2008

Posted by Fritoy on May 25, 2008

God Bless all our Troops.

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Portland Elections

Posted by Fritoy on May 21, 2008

After yesterdays election results. I have to ask, Is there a Socialists or Marxist Portland won’t elect?

It makes me wonder if I where to campaign for public office around here If I shouldn’t do so wearing the uniform of a KGB General, carry the USSR flag and sing the National anthem Of the USSR.
How long would it take them to elect me to office?

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May Day Protest Part II

Posted by Fritoy on May 4, 2008

First some flags.

The Mexico flag here just disappeared before they came back too the TV crews.

Now that we know how they feel about flags we move on to our own favorite.
Finding Che.

Ok Now that Che has been spotted we can move on too more important things like campaign signs.


Chris Rich
If I had a choice, The guy on the left would not be in public with my name. (just saying)

Amanda Fritz

And lastly
The One The Only…

One lonely sign.
Jim Bissonnette showed up to chat with anyone who would listen.
I didn’t take any photos of him, didn’t see any reason too heck I didn’t even know he was running for something.


Puppets, Who can have a protest without Puppets!

I almost forgot Labor unions.

Some over head shots.

I was some what disappointed in the turnout for this protest. I was sure more of the socialists swine would have been there.

I  forgot the 911 Truthers

All in all I was some what surprised not to see the Ron Paul Bots around.

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May Day 2008

Posted by Fritoy on May 1, 2008

I’ll be putting up some more pictures Friday or Saturday till then you can go here.

Update: Michelle Malkin linked back here in my lonely corner of the web
with, “My immigrant vagina is angry

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