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Dam”n” Global Warming

Posted by Fritoy on March 28, 2008

Did Al Gore fly over Portland?

4 Responses to “Dam”n” Global Warming”

  1. VR said

    It’s “Damn”.

    “Dam” is what beavers make.

  2. fritoy said

    Thank you grammar nanny.

  3. OregonGuy said

    We’ve been rofling watching the kids this Spring Break.

    Record snow pack in the Northwest…colder than average temperatures. All signs of Man Made Global Warming, to be sure.

    I’m talking to staff. To a man, we were born and raised in Oregon. But I’m thinking about pulling up stakes and moving to Idaho. I’ve a cousin on a county planning commission there. The notes of the commission meetings are posted on-line.

    Guess what? The enviros come in and are shocked to find that their “concerns” aren’t given the respect those same concerns raise in Oregon. The Ectopians may want to review their plans to include Idaho into Ectopia.

  4. actually they are doing double speak now and refering to it as “Global Climate Change” not “Gobal Warming”

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