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Memorial Day 2010

Posted by Fritoy on May 29, 2010


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Tri-Met, Fail!!11!!!

Posted by Fritoy on May 10, 2009

Over the past week or two I have seen the helpful billboards that hold the bus schedules have been  disappearing.

Well it turns out that they have been updating them

Making them easier to read bolder print blaa blaa blaa.

One problem though, Macadam is a ways off from here.

While the info is interesting, it’s hardly useful, it seems the bolder print wasn’t that useful after all.

Now I did try and call Trimets 503-238-ride but the automated voice unit hung up on me after telling me I called after office hours.

P.S.  if anyone from trimet happens apon this, If the dang computer hadn’t hung up on me I probly wouldn’t have bothered with this .

(edit: as of 4pm today the right schedule is in place.)

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Portland Tea Party

Posted by Fritoy on April 15, 2009

More Photos Here.

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Soccer, City Hall and a Done Deal

Posted by Fritoy on March 11, 2009

Sounds Like a done deal to me.

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Sam Adams

Posted by Fritoy on January 27, 2009

Well I wasn’t going to touch this topic but I can’t resist saying something about it.

Sam you need to stay! no really you do. Not because your “too big or important to fail”  but , well to put it simply I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time, my sides hurt.

“Welcome to Portland where even a eighteen year old can enjoy a Sam Adams!”

“Scoutmaster Sam

The only thing missing from this mess is a Tar and feather booth set up outside city hall, or a gay singing telegram dressed as a boy scout delivering a “Scoutmasters” uniform.

That video Sam put out today sounded like he filmed it in the bathroom where he was kissing the 17 year old boy, I wounder if its the same one they keep open all night so the homeless have somewhere to “potty”.

Pop Corn Get Your Pop Corn!

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Merry Christmas

Posted by Fritoy on December 25, 2008

Well I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas this year.

This snow fall has been unbelievable, and  yes is still snowing here.

Freezing Rain

Freezing Rain

Oh a special Thanks to one of my neighbors gave me a new motherboard after mine died on my birthday.

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I want my Climate Change Back!

Posted by Fritoy on December 14, 2008

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Only In Portland

Posted by Fritoy on October 1, 2008

Nope no Hate here. Indie Media.*

I wonder if these people even realize that they are supporting the vary thing they oppose.

Fools, Don’t they know that they will be the first ones executed when the islamists** come and impose sharia law in America?

Just look at Britain.

* Sarcasm
** Regular Muslims need not apply.

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Posted by Fritoy on September 4, 2008

Ok your probably wondering why I would post such a picture.

Go back and take a look at it.

Do you see that light yellow chain attached to the handrail.

At one point in time not all that far away that simple chain and yellow paint was all that was needed to keep people out from an area that was too sensitive or dangerous for most people to be in.
Now take a look at the chain link fence.

To me that says more about our society today than any crime report on TV.

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McCain Picks His VP

Posted by Fritoy on August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

You know I just might be able to vote for McCain now. I thought for sure McCain would have polled conservatives to find out who they would support and then do a 180 on it.
Most of you have it easy out there; you only have to get yourself sloshed for the couple of hours that it’s going to take you to stumble your way down to the voter’s booth. In Oregon we have what’s called Vote by Fraud Mail and I for one refuse to hand over my ballot to the postman. That means I’m going to have that thing lying around for almost two weeks. How in the hell am I going to stay drunk enough so I don’t have an exorcism performed on it or burn the thing at the stake?
Both things that are more than likely to be illegal to do with a ballot here.

P.s. Didn’t Obama do something yesterday? Because I’m having issues trying to find some news coverage of it. I also haven’t tried vary hard at it.

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