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It Must Be Tinfoil Hat Day

Posted by Fritoy on August 1, 2009

Thats the only reason I can find for this.

Maybe this will help.

The people who are running around and telling you not to go to the cash for clunkers web page are wrong about this user agreement, it’s not on that page it is at the dealers site.

This is just a bunch of hot air nothing more.

H/T to LGF


One Response to “It Must Be Tinfoil Hat Day”

  1. OregonGuy said

    (Laughs out loud.)

    Thanks for the reference page. As a “Child of the ’60’s” I’m already familiar with many of the applications that one may rely upon with a simple roll of aluminum foil. For those without such a background, having a useful resource link at hand may end up being a Goddess-send.

    In regard to the CARS website, which I accessed earlier today in total oblivousness to the referenced threat to my civil liberties, I have not yet found any critters crawling around my machine. (But maybe that’s because they are too subtle.)

    On balance, one may admit to a certain heavy-handedness in the language revealed by Mr. Beck’s program. Here’s the verbiage of a press release from the Oregon AG’s office on Friday:

    “Attached is the latest Motor Vehicle Bulletin from Oregon DOJ. It addresses advertisements about the Car Allowance Rebate System program (aka “cash for clunkers”). As you may already be aware, the CARS program was suspended last night and has been extended through the weekend. If Congress does not appropriate more money for the CARS program, all advertisements should be stopped as soon as practicable.”

    Of course, for clarity’s sake, I had to make a call to a business association Executive Director in order to determine the plain meaning of the words above.

    I don’t always write with the precision I had hoped that I would have achieved from time to time. The human condition, no? Perhaps Mr. Beck’s reaction was over-the-top, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if people, from time to time, paused a moment and considered the content of their words before hitting send? And not just Mr. Beck. Someone at USDOT wrote the referenced agreement. It just “sniffs” more of CYA than here’s a resource, use at your own risk.

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