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Tri-Met, Fail!!11!!!

Posted by Fritoy on May 10, 2009

Over the past week or two I have seen the helpful billboards that hold the bus schedules have been  disappearing.

Well it turns out that they have been updating them

Making them easier to read bolder print blaa blaa blaa.

One problem though, Macadam is a ways off from here.

While the info is interesting, it’s hardly useful, it seems the bolder print wasn’t that useful after all.

Now I did try and call Trimets 503-238-ride but the automated voice unit hung up on me after telling me I called after office hours.

P.S.  if anyone from trimet happens apon this, If the dang computer hadn’t hung up on me I probly wouldn’t have bothered with this .

(edit: as of 4pm today the right schedule is in place.)


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