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Posted by Fritoy on October 27, 2008

Is there anyone out there who is as disgusted with Firefox as I am right now?
I really liked this browser till lately, namely the 3.0 upgrade (if that’s what you what to call it) the dang thing was crashing two or three time a day. now I went to the forums where I was told it’s not the browser but the extensions you use or the programs you are running.

Aka, Blame the user.

Now I followed their advice and turn everything off (and I mean everything) that wasn’t necessary to keep the computer on and the Internet active. Guess what happened? Yup you got it the dammed thing crashed at the same rate as before.
As Gomer Pile would say ” Surprise Surprise Surprise”

So at this point I was going to down grade to 2.0 or 1.0 but I saw that they had a 3.1 beta. Now I’m game for beta testing programs ( heck the last beta test I did got me a 50% discount on my anti-virus software.)

I guess I’m stubborn or something, I tried to visit BornAgain’s web site dam near 10 or 15 times and the dammed thing kept crashing, ( I finally gave up and used Opera) Heck it has even crashed twice while I’m typing this.

I never thought I would say this about FireFox but I am about two clicks away from moving on and using Opera instead.
Before I go to opera I’m going to try 1.0 something. (evey time I close the browser all paswords are deleated dispite the fact that I’ve told it to remember all passwords and cookies.


3 Responses to “FireFox”

  1. OregonGuy said

    I’m runing Mozilla 1.7.13.

    When I need Java…I’ll bring up Explorer. But, for most graphics and text, I’d rather have a real simple browser.


  2. I forget what version I’m using right now but, just before the latest update, it was driving me nuts with crashes. I downloaded the latest update about a week ago and so far so good.

  3. Max said

    As you can see, I’m running Maxthon at present. It’s reliable, and has many features that I like.

    However, I also run Firefox 3.01, Safari, and Chrome. I default to Maxthon, but it’s not uncommon for me to run one or two of the others at the same time, as I like to see how different browsers handle the same challenges.

    I can’t recall having any crashes.

    My guess is that this is because I build my own systems – and the one I most use at present has 2 Gb RAM and a bit over 1 Tb storage. With the ASUS motherboard and the AMD processor and the NVIDIA card, this puppy cost me around $400.

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