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Well Intentioned Liberal Ideas

Posted by Fritoy on July 9, 2008

Can anyone name one liberal idea that didn’t end up killing people?

The War on Poverty?

Banning DDT?

(OK bio-diesel doesn’t count yet, jest wait till the food riots really start too get bad.)

Just to name a few.

4 Responses to “Well Intentioned Liberal Ideas”

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  2. D.J. said

    14th Amendment to the Constitution?
    Voting rights for women?
    Minimum wage laws?
    Workplace safety regulations?
    Social Security?
    Voting Rights Act?
    Civil Rights Act?
    Deficit Reduction Act of 1993?

    I’m not sure how many people have died because of those ideas, but many people were certainly helped by them.

  3. RHJunior said

    Too bad liberals were on the opposite side for nearly every single one.

    Social Security? Sorry kid, you don’t get bonus points because your pyramid scheme hasn’t actually killed anyone.

    And considering the general habits of voting women…

    Workplace safety regulations and minimum wage laws? Spoken like a true economic and historical illiterate. There are people who have died in alleyways who, in a free marketplace, would have had gainful employment. Instead we have the “minimum wage”– government price controls on labor, which have done nothing for the people its advocates claim to help. It does nothing but make everything, literally everything, from luxury yachts to bread and milk, more expensive– and guarantee that any fiscal gain made by increasing the minimum wage is offset by the resulting inflation rate.

    The work safety regulations? were largely supported not by people with compassion and charity in mind but by people who wished to inconvenience their competitors, or even run them out of business— and they have been the chief tool in the monopolists’ toolbox for destroying competition. It goes all the way back to the meat packing industry scandal, “The Jungle…” little mentioned or even recalled is that it was not humanitarians, but moguls in the meat packing industry who pushed for mass legislation of the industry… they were already well within the safety and health parameters that the legislators wanted to set, and it would be child’s play to put some struggling new competitor out of business by siccing pecksniff inspectors on them till somebody slipped up. And advisory boards?
    Guess who has the free time to actually sit in on one of those.

  4. Nate said

    Horrible leftist ideas
    Communism: a psuedo religion with no regard for actual human behavior and human needs that got tens of millions killled b4 liberals gave up.
    Identification with the enemy in US post WWII imperial adventures. A magical thinking that ascribes ethical behavior to victims and evil behavior to US, ignoring the precise way power works in reality. Jane Fonda anyone….
    Feminist thought. This has legit good ideas-ESP ones regarding harm reduction and self empowerment. But when it comes to policy equals disaster : prohibition?, election of Harding? When it comes to workplace,it has resulted in women having to work fulltime hours like men while getting little time off for pregnancy, if they can get pregnant with a concrete, stable partner who won’t leave. Then the raising of the baby has to be done in a patchwork manner, with little time off given to women. I can already hear the screaming of the wolves saying the exceptions to this- they are simply exceptions to the rule. In a perverse twist of fate, women under western capitalism ( unless they are upper middle to wealthy) have to work while juggling issue vital to continuation of society- I consider this to be abuse on par with what Islam can heap at women-just not direct violencee.
    Liberal handling of enviromental problem. Once again ignoring or just plain bashing average people, the 1st management ideas were to let public know how much they polluted and ask them to change their ways. We can see now how well this idea worked.
    Liberal’s ‘tude towards smokers or obese people. Once again liberals can’t see a foot out in front of their priviledged lives. Somehow they think that it is stupid Americana who are obese- next you see a libtard with this idea drop the fact the African Americans are the worst of when it comes to obesity.

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