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Portland Car Free Day

Posted by Fritoy on June 17, 2008

You really have too wonder at people who think that this is a good idea.
Via KGW.

Here are some of the people who support this idea.

PDF for the route


One Response to “Portland Car Free Day”

  1. OregonGuy said

    I’ve read of this elsewhere. Like MAX.

    I was working in Eugene when they killed transportation there. I’m not sure the downtown core has really ever recovered.

    What creates sense out of this nonsense? The “it’s no big deal” reaction that allows nonsense to approach gravitas?

    The only model that I can come up with is the experience some of these folks had at college.Rain, sleet or snow, getting to class was a mixture of walking and biking. And what, pray tell, was wrong with that?

    One of the difficulties with opposing “creeping” socialism is its incremental nature. Or, death by a thousand cuts. There are those who support Hugo Chavez adventure in market economics in Venezueal, yet we can, a priori predict disaster at each step taken increases governmental control and authority over that economy.

    The hero of the moment? Governor Kulongoski. Who has a vision of less for Oregon. So, let’s let them learn to live with less. I know that they will never recognize that their dream will, over time, reduce their wealth. But I think it’s only fair that they share.

    Nice post.


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