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Portland Elections

Posted by Fritoy on May 21, 2008

After yesterdays election results. I have to ask, Is there a Socialists or Marxist Portland won’t elect?

It makes me wonder if I where to campaign for public office around here If I shouldn’t do so wearing the uniform of a KGB General, carry the USSR flag and sing the National anthem Of the USSR.
How long would it take them to elect me to office?


3 Responses to “Portland Elections”

  1. b!X said

    “Elections”, not “Election’s”. I’d worry less about Communism and more about basic literacy.

  2. OregonGuy said

    Heard an interesting thought yesterday, from a candidate.

    With such a large number of voters identifying as Independent, number of voters is down in primaries, because they have “nothing to vote for”. Except for some, almost meaningless to many, ballot measures, the independent primary ballot was for some unopposed judges.

    Why bother to vote?

    It’s easy for me to self-identify as a Republican, since most people in this small community know it already. And I have a reputation for putting the harsh on their mellow when they offer their “talking point” version of their political vision-thingy. Unlike big cities, I know these lefty clowns.

    The forces of conservative are organizing here. We’re being forced to do so. The Left has become militant of late, going after reasonable elected officials with re-calls. There are calls for greater civility. As in, adult behaviour.

    Check back in five months. We’ll see how the battle is going.

    Oregon. We do things differently here.


  3. fritoy said

    Thanks B!X,
    I guess thats what I get for using MS Word for spell checking.

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