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Cannon Beach Votes to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Posted by Fritoy on February 13, 2008

CANNON BEACH – In a split vote on Super Tuesday, during the regular meeting of the Cannon Beach City Council, a resolution was passed to impeach President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Is this really the job for a city council?
note the Mayor and Councilor Nancy Giasson voted against this. Send them an email and say thanks and then send an email to the other three and tell them what you think.

*Mayor, John J. Williams
Council President, Jay Raskin
Councilor, Sam Steidel
*Councilor, Nancy Giasson
Councilor, Jerome Arnold

Thanks to Victoria Taft.


2 Responses to “Cannon Beach Votes to Impeach Bush and Cheney”

  1. OregonGuy said

    Sure, it’s nuts.

    Did you know that Astoria is officially a “nuclear free zone”? They passed that one to prevent the Navy from docking in town.

    And they really, really, really mean it.

    Really. No foolin’.

  2. fritoy said

    Here is the Ordnance PDF. lol

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