“I pledge by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

It Seems The Democrats Have Found A Back Door To Stop The War In Iraq.

Posted by Fritoy on October 8, 2007

In what largely seems too be a symbolic measure against genocide, After all who would be against that? The Democrats have found away too cripple the war in Iraq.

Many in the U.S. fear that a public backlash in Turkey could lead to restrictions on crucial supply routes through Turkey to Iraq and Afghanistan and the closure of Incirlik, a strategic air base in Turkey used by the United States.

What does that mean?
Well thats simple, We  ship most of our troops and supply’s though  Incirlik Air Base.

If Turkey makes good on their threat then we can kiss that base goodbye.

Those cowards in congress don’t have the brass balls it would take too Vote against the war in a straight froward manner, instead that have to use a back door method when they should just stand up and tell us the truth.



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