“I pledge by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

Ron Paul Our Saint and Savior

Posted by Fritoy on October 4, 2007

Please, Don’t think I support this Isolationist. He is nuts and his followers are 100% crazy minus the .001 who might be sane.


4 Responses to “Ron Paul Our Saint and Savior”

  1. wedeclare said

    Hmmm…Ron Paul is the only candidate of any party who has any intention of taking the Presidential Oath of Office seriously.
    Is there any another issue worth discussing?
    If you don’t have Rule of Law, you have Rule of Tyrants…haven’t we seen enough of that already?
    I’m pretty tired of people judging presidents’ worth by the amount of trouble they drag us through. The best presidents are, in my book, the “do nothing” and “ineffective” presidents like Rutherford Hayes under whom Nothing Bad Happened, and under whom we just happened to thrive, innovate, become wealthy and free like no nation ever before or since.
    Would that really be so bad?

  2. OregonGuy said

    I’m not sure about the percentage. We got 18% in this county for John Anderson. I don’t know the percentage that went for Perot, but it, too, was high.

    I’m not sure, either, of how much this reflects “the base”. In ’80 I did vote for John Anderson. But, in 84 I voted for RR. ’88, Bush.

    My point is, my “defection” in 1980 was a vote taken away from “the base”. I’d need a special accident to vote for Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton or Gore. John Kerry? Somebody else would have had to send in an absentee ballot for me. Even I am not that stupid.

    I guess the best paradigm would be Pat Buchanan. Did he affect the outcome of the election in 2000? Maybe in terms of the butterfly ballot in one Florida county. But really? No.

    Ron Paul attracts the same “type” of person that is attracted to Lyndon LaRouche or Ralph Nadar. So committed to intractable necessaries that their conversion to any position of moderation is antithetical to their personal core beliefs. And, I believe, that makes them more likely to support other core belief candidates, a la Howard Phillips, John Hagalin, Harry Browne,

    While amusing to the MSM, he’s less than the ghost of a flea.

  3. Gullyborg said

    Dude, Anderson NEVER got no 18%. He got more like 1.8%.

    And I have voted for many Libertarians, so it’s not like I’m just some GOP hack out to diss third parties.

  4. Gullyborg said

    wait – you put “county” not “country.” if you meant “county,” then you may be correct.

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