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Posted by Fritoy on August 15, 2007

 Daily Express

Doctors can no longer eat at their desks

Monday August 13,2007

By Tom Fullerton

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DOCTORS and health workers have been banned from eating lunch at their desks – in case it offends their Muslim colleagues.

Health chiefs believe the sight of food will upset Muslim workers when they are celebrating the religious festival Ramadan.

The lunch trolley is also to be wheeled out of bounds as the 30-day fast begins next month.

But staff and politicians branded the move political correctness gone mad and warned that it was a step too far.

Bill Aitken, the Scottish Conservative justice spokesman, said: “This advice, well-meaning as it may be, is total nonsense.

“It is the sort of thing that can stir up resentment rather than result in good relations.”

The new guidance comes in the wake of the failed terror attacks on Glasgow and the death of suspect Kafeel Ahmed, 27.

Health chiefs in Lothian and Glasgow will give all employees time off to pray and to celebrate Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan.

But Greater Glasgow and Clyde as well as Lothian NHS boards also issued the advice, warning workers not to take working lunches, and said all vending machines should be removed from areas where Muslims work.

One senior consultant said: “What next? Are we going to have advice on how to deal with Catholics during Lent?
“This kind of thing does more harm than good.”

The guidance, which was sent round many organisations, was produced by Glasgow consultancy Meem, which advises on Muslim issues and counts the Scottish Parliament among its clients.

Na’eem Raza, a senior consultant with the firm, said he was thrilled that the health boards had formally adopted the guidance.

He added: “The idea is to get faith in the workplace out in the open.

“In the current climate, people need to understand where communities are coming from and what people are feeling.

“After the Glasgow attack this is very important. This is about educating people and making them more aware and more confident when dealing with issues surrounding the Muslim community.

“People have stopped talking over the garden fence and we need to break down the barriers so that people can talk comfortably to each other.

“It would never stir up resentment. Faith is an important issue. Why not have guidance on all of the issues that affect us, including different faiths?”

Health chiefs defended their use of the guidance and said it was important to promote a positive and tolerant culture at work.

A NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokesman said: “As a large organisation we recognise that many of our staff, patients and visitors will be participating in Ramadan.

“We have therefore made information available to our staff to raise awareness of Ramadan and help to answer any questions they may have.”

NHS Lothian said: “We have recently agreed a quality and diversity strategy and as a responsible and pro-active employer we will continue to promote a positive culture which recognises and respects diversity both in our workforce and in the people we serve.”

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15.08.07, 1:43am

What is next? Will the Muslims demand you observe the same rituals as they do? Don’t eat, pray five times a day, shakedown for alms?

Someone better stand up to these people rather than bending over.

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15.08.07, 12:14am

see?, terrorism does pay. The Jihad against Glasgow airport was not a failure, it is now starting to yield results.

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14.08.07, 8:34pm

After the homegrown violence this year we should be asking ourselves what we can do to better integrate our Muslim citizens. It is not as if British civilisation is going to collapse from a few accommodations to make Muslims less self conscious about their unique status.

Unfortunately this latest move did not help enough. It created new problems. Now that meal carts and working lunch is banned Muslims will be left alone in the office while their coworkers go out to eat together. Muslim health care workers will be missing out on important social networking opportunities that their non-Muslim coworkers receive. We need a solution for that. We should instead encourage non-Muslims to try sharing their Muslim coworkers’ experience of fasting. It might be difficult the first year or two but eventually it will become familiar.

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14.08.07, 7:50pm

You Brits will do anything to allow muzzies to have at you. Are you so stupid as to deny muslims are responsible for 168 conflicts. Are you so stupid as to believe that sharia law is not their desired goal. Are you so stupid as to think that swallowing the muslim seed will get you special privilege? Come on. You were once such a great empire and now on your knees to a group of satan worshipers.

• Posted by: vulcanReport Comment



14.08.07, 3:54pm

I have never met a Muslim who is offended by this. When Muslim friends come around we just don’t eat/drink out of respect for them. When my Christian friends come around around Lent we just have drinks because one or the other is giving up something.

Every Religion has its fast days, a better idea, if you want to stop lunching at the desk is to just ban lunching at the desk.

• Posted by: K8BeeReport Comment


14.08.07, 2:27pm

Once again, Islam’s intolerance and lack of respect for a non-Muslim’s, individual freedoms, even having lunch at one’s desk, falls to political kowtowing.
Why don’t we hand them this nation over to them now, if we are so shiftless and gutless? By capitulating, we may not be attacked by Jihadists and save lives; more importantly, live happily ever after in an Islamic utopia.
Ironic, how something, seemingly, insignificant, as one banned from eating lunch at one’s desk is symptomatic that our nation is suffering from a malignancy it dares not purge.
If kowtowing to Islam is the “cure” the prognosis for our nation is terminal.
The so-called “Barriers” are not our doing – they are the doing of intolerant Islam… idits!



  1. LC EFA said

    I was really hoping this was / is Satire.

    Europe and the UK are (even more) boned if they don’t stop the implementation of sharia by stealth.

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