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Oregon Shows The Way It Supports The Troops

Posted by Fritoy on March 20, 2007

First there is this.


And then the Oregon House does this.

The only good news out of that is so many voted against it.

25 out of 58 voted against this waste of time.


Who knew that many of them had spines.


As for that banner in the back ground heres a better shot.

Of course this type of thing is common for down town Portland

UPDATE: I’m really kinda surprised that anyone is shocked or upset about the top photo. Not that anyone shouldn’t be but come on this is Portland.

I remember one protest when the senior Bush came into town back in 1990 or so and the not only had a banner that read Kill the President on one side, and Off with her head on the other.  As if that wasn’t enough for them they then burn both the President and the First Lady in effigy


2 Responses to “Oregon Shows The Way It Supports The Troops”

  1. Sig94 said

    No, it’s not shocking any more unfortunately. But is it still disgusting.

  2. Livette said

    Nice blog!

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