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Oregons Little Black Box

Posted by Fritoy on February 13, 2007

House Bill 2568

Sponsored by Representative GALIZIO; Representatives BARKER,




SECTION 4. { + (1) Data from a motor vehicle event data

recorder may be retrieved or used without the consent of the

owner after an accident if:

(a) A court orders the production of the data;

(b) A law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe

that a crime has occurred and that the data is relevant to the

investigation of that crime; or

(c) A law enforcement officer, firefighter or emergency medical

services provider obtains the data in the course of responding to

or investigating an emergency involving the physical injury or

the risk of physical injury to any person.

(2) The Department of Transportation may retrieve data from a

motor vehicle event data recorder if the data is used for the

following purposes:

(a) Preclearing weigh stations;

(b) Automating driver records of duty status as authorized by

the United States Department of Transportation;

(c) Reporting fuel tax or other mileage reporting purpose; or

(d) Complying with a state or federal law. + }


This last part in the important part. Remember this story? Link

After all if its good for soialist Europe It must be good for us too. Right!

They are planing to Tax everyone on how far they drive and when you do so.

I realy hate to sound as paranoid as Drudge, but it is dam hard not to think so with this.

Thanks to Victoria Taft for pointing this out.( I would have linked her site but its down and out for now)




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