“I pledge by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

The Portland Mercury Is Attacking BoJack’s Blog

Posted by Fritoy on January 3, 2007

It seems that they are calling him a Racist.

Local blogger Jack Bog has built his reputation on “cutting through the crap,” but it seems today he’s intent on inciting racism, too.

Portland Mercury

You all will have to forgive me for finding this too dammed funny. They really have no clue do they?

Bojacks post.

Happy New Year, bang, you’re dead

The New Year began in downtown Portland with a fatal shooting. Same old story — a young man, African-American, shot on the street, no doubt as “the club” he was partying in closed up for the night. About a block and a half from the Fifth Avenue Suites Hotel — not a nice message to our out-of-town guests. At least a full-scale gun battle didn’t ensue this time.

I seem’s Jack and the Mercury don’t like each other.

I think it’s quite pitiful for the kids at the Mercury to declare jihad on me.

What is it they have against Bojack? Could it be he keeps telling them and the other Reality Based Community to go stuff them self’s?

Update:   Jake any one who can piss off the far left as much as you is ok in my book. 


3 Responses to “The Portland Mercury Is Attacking BoJack’s Blog”

  1. Jack Bog said

    I’m not sure I can “cut through” all the “crap” that passes for journalism in Portland. Click around and you’ll find some other fine Portland progressives calling me a “moronic f—tard” over the same post. How classy.

  2. Thedude said

    Its so obvious your in a mid-life crisis Bog. The way your going, everyone will be calling you something nasty. Take the point and leave. Its obvious the city has out grown you. You’ll never be young again and the city reminds you of that every day. Why should the city take the hit for your inability to adjuct to life. Typical NJ cynic: blame everyone but themselves.

  3. rickyragg said

    TheDude provides an exquisite example of the level of intelligence, education and maturity of the typical Merc commenter (and poster, for that matter). I nominate him (her?) for “progressive of the year”.

    I won’t, however, “…(call) him something nasty.”. I’ll leave that to the pro’s.

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